by Ms.DZ March 1, 2011
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Tech Bitch Syndrom---Typically used on girl from Georgia Tech but can be substituted for any school with a larger male population. The girl, commonly uncool when surround by girls from other schools, becomes a bitch when many desperate college guys realize that is all they have.
That girl has major TBS, she took my alcohol and left.

Jenny Long
by Anonymous September 24, 2003
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trnna be seen
joe: yoo why she walkin like that
james: she just tbs 🤦 ♂️
by jsmiie December 14, 2022
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“hey did u hear about that new song”
“yea tbs it sucked donkey butt..”
by spacec00wboy June 18, 2021
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#TBS, For when a fraternity brother has your back and earns the status of a true brother. This can mean they helped you out when you were in some kind of need.
by RX_King May 21, 2015
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TBS IS SHORT FOR TINY BLADDER SYNDROME FOR THOSE WHO ARE UNDER 5’5 and they have to pee right away once urges start to kick in.
I have to pee, my tbs is kicking in.
- MPPV & her college biffle
Maria told Nathaniel that her “tbs is kicking in,” Nathaniel asks her what that is and she says “I’m smol and I have tiny bladder syndrome.”
by NOCTAMIUS December 28, 2021
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Turn Based Strategy. Refers to a game where each player takes a turn, such as Civilization.
My Siphai crushed the puny Europeans in Civilization 3.
by Elitist December 29, 2004
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