v., tr.

1. unsubscribing from someone's Twitter feed

2. a declarative statement that you are unsubscribing

3. a declarative statement that you are leaving a group or friend
Ex. 1: "I'm unfollowing Steve after all that pro-Apple spam."

Ex.2: "I'm tired of hearing all the details of Amy's day. Unfollow."

Ex. 3: "You're going to THAT bar? Unfollow."
by Moggraider June 8, 2009
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People on Instagram who will follow you only to unfollow you the next day just so they can boost their following for clout. If these people request to follow you, and then unfollow you, just unfollow them... :)
Unfollowers are the worse people on Instagram.
by Chad Wellington the 3rd January 3, 2019
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1. n. a button on Twitter that eradicates a person's thoughts, feelings, and beliefs from your timeline

2. v. (a) hitting said button is a gesture equivalent to sticking up your middle finger to someone on Twitter
(b) virtually the same as the phrase "fuck you" and applies to not only the individual being unfollowed but also to his or her thoughts, feelings, and beliefs expressed on Twitter
This girl is stupid. *Promptly hits unfollow*

This guy is so annoying. *Promptly hits unfollow*
by kissabledimplz February 24, 2011
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To stop following a Twitter account that you were previously following.
@aplusk is getting annoying, I'm going to unfollow him.
by @heyart November 29, 2009
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not being able to unfollow people on any social media (because they're too fabulous)
''I can't unfollow her, she's unfollowable!''
by Quotenlesbe December 29, 2016
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A "Free Unfollow" is a term used to describe the Twitter mess of free-follow accounts that make you jump through hoops for their supposedly free, no strings attached follow, but then end up unfollowing you.

(a.k.a. "free low" or "freelow")
Friend: Bro, this egg account bio read: "Hi this is a free follow just because you're you. Don't follow me back, but follow @soandsoblahblah instead." So I went to the trouble of following @soandsoblahblah and guess what? The next thing I knew, the egg account unfollowed me.

Me: Breh, that is so lame. So you basically got a "free unfollow."
by KpopKolorado June 4, 2016
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When your a try hard instagrammer so you threaten to unfollow them if they don’t like your post
by DefineMeKids December 30, 2017
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