everything about her is perfect but her face
shes got a smoking hot body and a great personality butterface ain't that great
by bigjonny99 December 8, 2009
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A female, typically, who's face is the only non-attractive part about her body.
Jason-"Man, Hillary is fiiiine!"
Mike-"Yea, too bad she's a butterface."
Jason-"A whaaaa...?"
Mike-Butterface,everything's hot...BUT 'ER FACE!
by em0lee August 8, 2005
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A girl with a body off of baywatch and face off of crimewatch.
That butterface took my dignity.
by Ragagaga February 14, 2006
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Noun used to describe a woman with a gorgeous body but unfortunately with a face that looks like a bulldog chewing a wasp.
"Man, she has one hot body"
by Gaff November 9, 2005
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when a girl has a good body but an ugly face (as in 'but her face')
by Anonymous July 23, 2002
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She's a butterface meaning that everything looks good but her face!
by shortbus May 10, 2003
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Butterface, oh Butterface
I wish you would die
It’s really fucked up
To get my hopes up so high
With fucked up face – and bloodshot eyes
Hold the bag steady
So your face can’t scare the guys
Your body is banging, but your face makes me shout
Your front teeth are screaming “Let me the fuck out”
With Hair like brittle and breath like acid
You look like something
That crawled out of Lake Placid
That’s it for now
I have nothing else to say
Keep that face covered
It’s probably what killed Ray
by kriss July 28, 2004
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