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The act of fingering receiving your gay lover's fingers up your anus, causing shivers to run up your spine, and then sending your lover a letter the very next day telling them about it.

Mickle givers often have porpous beaks.
I just got mickled by this guy I met in a bar yesterday.
by BEAROYCE February 28, 2008
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The oblong piece of plastic that is sometimes found in the handle of a gallon of milk. They are considered lucky by some human tribes and collected to increase their odds to win the lottery.
I got all the way home with the groceries and found a mickle still stuck to my milk.

I saw a gypsy at 7-11 buying lotto tickets with a mickle in their left hand.
by Roll Here Eggo July 16, 2009
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The name given to a highly-prestigious, by-invitation-only club - The Mickle Club - which is an organization of select individuals dedicated to spending all of their time and energy admiring and praising all that is great about this world
Hey guys, you might not believe this, but I finally made it into the Mickle Club!
by truthtalkers July 17, 2011
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Middle Aged Couple; usually found at concerts like Disturbed, Default, Godsmack or System of a Down. Usually try to "punk it out" with the kids, but fail miserably when assimilated into a moshpit and forced to flee under a hail of teenagers.
Mrs. Mickle: Whoo! isn't this fun, George!" * waves hands and dances to a metal drum solo *
Mr. Mickle: Yeah, this is amazing! what a righteous band!
Mrs. Mickle: Wait! what are those people doing? Oh no! they're heading straight for us!
Mr. Mickle: Run! Save yours- * is crushed *
by Rapadder August 05, 2006
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