what someone says to something that is not funny. They pretend it is funny.
Man1: why did the chicken cross the road
Man2: why
Man1: to get to the other side
Man2: haha, so funny
by Ireland323 April 01, 2018
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A quote made famous by Zara.
Otherwise known as AQUABABE.
Someone says something funny/tells a joke.
Something funny happens in general.
Anything funny occurs that most people would laugh about.

Zaras reply: "That's so funny"
said without any emotion.
by gsnoop May 20, 2011
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2017 replacement acronym for LOL. Often used in texting and social media mediums.
Timmy: Last night, Steve was so hammered he slept in a bush cuddling with Frank.

Me: SF

Timmy: SF?

Me: SF (So Funny)
by Adamir Putin January 03, 2017
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This is a phrase uttered by a demographic commonly categorized as “Chic Fil A Girls,” who are, for all intents and purposes, the “white girl(s)” being referred to any time someone uses the phrase“white-girl wasted.”

The phrase is spoken similarly to the way you’d say “kthanksbye” i.e. the phrase is generally uttered as one single word.

Those described above frequently use this phrase to

1) extend the amount of time they can talk about the same subject, or before they begin to l talk in circles and rehash certain points well after those points have been made clear and the substantive part of the conversation is long over.

2) describe normal/unhumorous situations that they - whether explicitly stated by them or not - incorrectly perceive as “random” and/or funny situations.”
1) it was so funny cuz she and I both think that Jake isn’t right for Sam. You know?......

2) it was so funny cuz we saw each other at the grocery store earlier that day...and I was like “haiii Ashley.” It was sooo crazy and totally random.
by GnarcJohn April 20, 2021
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A phrase used to mock someone when they say a joke or something they think is absolutely hilarious, but everyone else thinks it's retarded. Sarcasm in its most extreme form.
Chad: "Okay, okay. A Care Bear and a ninja got in a fight. Who one?"
Me: "The ninja."
Chad: "No. The Care Bear. You see, it had just eaten an eighteen inch burrito, and it farted. The stank smell killed the ninja! HA HA HA HA HA HA HAAA!!!" *more annoying laughter continues*
Me: "Wow Chad! That was so funny I forgot to laugh!"
by Carrera's Wedge April 12, 2007
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It's a webcomic. One day, a neurotic artist decided to create a stick figure comic. Then God said, LET THERE BE CHARACTERS, and appeared Suds, a cynical drinking sarcastic smartass; Perry, a shy guy lost in his thoughts; and Avital, the dumb creator herself. Together, they will overcome horrifying obstacles. Like CVS.
"Hey man, have you ever heard of So Funny I Forgot To Laugh?"
"No, what the hell's that?"
"We're over."
by it is, like, SOOOO not Avital October 31, 2011
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