Short for that's what she said. Only to be used in situations where saying that's what she said would be deemed inappropriate. Usually said under breath and pronounced twiss.
(At formal dinner party with in-laws)
Mother-in law: We were fishing when your father pulled out a giant rod I had never seen before...
(Silently, under breathe): TWSS..
by kwk2010 February 13, 2008
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That's What She Said

Something that people say when a sentence can be percieved in a perverted way.
Joe: So how was the water slide?
Sally: It was gross. Kinda wet and slimy. But I did it anyways.
Joe: Haha...TWSS...
by Ariel<3 August 27, 2010
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A chat term, and an abbreviation for "that's what she said." Commonly used when one person says something that could be misconstrued as a double entendre.
Chatter one: "this is so hard"
Chatter two: "twss"
by Si Nile de Mencha October 25, 2009
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acrynom for thats what she said, for use in text messaging
How was the test?
it was really long and hard.
by Bowler Dude249 January 27, 2009
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"That's What She Said."

Usually used when someone says something that a girl would more than likely say during sexual intercourse.
( Person can't throw a football )

"UGH ;this is so hard!"

"That's what she said." ( TWSS )
by Tylerdee June 10, 2009
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Thats what she said. This sentence is often used in situations where adding this sentence would make the conversation real funny and even change the topic altogether!
John, while putting the bait on his fishing rod: Whoa! This worm is BIG!
Peter: Thats what she said! (Or in texting, TWSS)

Example 2:
After the quick magic show, John says," That was quick"
Peter: Thats what she said!

Example 3:
John: You are a pain in the butt.
Peter: Thats what she said!
by CannonBalls March 17, 2009
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james: it's a bit more expensive, but SO much more satisfying
me: TWSS!
by jakeftw! July 29, 2008
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