31 definition by reed

a cannon used to fire out nOObs at a high rate of speed.
whoa, that one went real far
by reed April 27, 2004

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An event occuring in crowded public places, where many people are close together. The event involves the ringing of an individual's cell phone, and results in 1/2 or more of the immediate area's population digging through purses and pockets for their phones.
Dude, I was standing in line at a train station in Tokyo, and we experienced complete pandephonium when Ichiro's phone went off.
by Reed April 30, 2006

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a black person who is actually quite white and insists on calling his numerous caucasian friends "snowflakes"
1. ex- joe richardson
by reed January 06, 2005

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the dilznack is a word similar to heezy which is used to express an exclamation of surprise or confusion.
What the Dilznack?
by reed April 20, 2004

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1. A term for urinating.
2. A term for a man's penis.
1. Man, i gotta take a pizatch.
2. I'll shoot jizatch out ma pizatch forizatch.
by Reed April 23, 2004

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supposely how a 5 year old calls a penis
you showed him your peney! hehehehehwehhehehewhehwh
by reed September 28, 2003

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the painful act of grabbing a womans boobs until they explode.
nuff said.
by Reed April 23, 2004

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