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1. Your best friend
2. Your friend to lean on
3. Your companion
4. A big fluff ball of love
5.cant open its mouth to judge you

6. Protects you

7.the one you can cry on
8. Sit down and talk to him/her and she will listin
9. He/she loves you the most and would die for you

10. dog means love
Dog- your my best friend

I'll die for you.
by Hdjshdnsksnsjend February 22, 2017
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Dogs are angelic creatures that deserve love and respect. Dogs are sweet and they love their owners and their owners love them back. Anyone who abuses and doesn't like dogs is a cruel monster and should go to hell. Dogs are innocent and beautiful in their own way. There is no such thing as a mean dog.
Person A: Aren't dogs the sweetest?
Person B: I know, they really are. I love dogs.
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by janmhorowi April 07, 2017
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The domestic dog is a domesticated canid witch has been bred into certain characteristics over thousands I years also a cute lovable companion also know as mans best freind
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by Maxanator August 27, 2016
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precious species which should be protected and treated with love at all times. too pure for this cruel world in which we live in
i love dog
by frickfrackpattywhack December 28, 2015
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"Definition of a dog: Not a cat" = Baldrick, Blackadder III (British comedy)
by Nuclear Spoon September 22, 2005
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A four legged creature that loves to sniff butts, hump legs and roll in the nastiest stuff possible. Most are dumb as shit but extremely loyal and protective to people they like.
My boyfriend was such an asshole that I dumped him and got a dog instead.
by oceancats August 31, 2017
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The most wonderful, kindhearted creatures to ever walk this earth.
"omg dogs are so perfect I love them"
by NoCrocsPlz June 01, 2016
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