31 definition by reed

quite possible the hottest porn star of all time. one of the tightest asses of any chick you've ever fucked.
Man, i had a bonner for three hours watchin tawny's fuck vids.
by reed January 24, 2004

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Originally started in Dublin, Ireland. The act of inserting greased small potatoes in your girlfriend's ass and then packing them deeper through means of anal sex. To enhance the pleasure most people perform a Dirty O'brien while drinking a Corona light or Guinness.
While incarcerated Jimmy Boy O'doul enjoyed a Dirty Obrien at the hands of officer Paddy McFudge.
by Reed January 05, 2005

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a loud and obnoxious fart. sometimes described as one that "ripped a second asshole". very painful and displeasurable to both the farter and those standing around him.
Damn dude, was that a bomb? Nope, Bruce just had another colon blast. Is his asshole okay?
by reed April 27, 2004

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A passive or emasculated male.
Stop babying him like that! You're going to turn him into a poofter!
by Reed February 17, 2004

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LSD found in liquid form. The liquid is contained in a vile and is dropped under the toungue or in the eyes.
Have you heard of the new Clear Liquid eye drops? They work reeeaaallll good.
by Reed December 08, 2006

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A song by Too Short
"If a pimp is what you wana be your gonna have to learn pimpology"- Too Short
by REED March 24, 2003

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slang for the beer natural ice. Natural ice is a favorite of many college students because of its low price
by REED January 29, 2003

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