Blowing your load all over her back. Usually when doing it doggy style.
by M.R. July 14, 2003
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The act of ejaculating on your mates back after she has been unsuccessfully blowing you and begins to walk away while you quickly beat it and finish on her back.
Dorothy: "How was you night Inexperienced female friend?"
Inexperienced Female Friend: "Well I gave up and was about to leave him high and dry, but he made a nice Cum Back. I thought the game was over, but that buzzer beater took me by surprise."

Dave: "I was railing some bitch last night. She finished first, said thats it and began to walk out. I was so pissed i jerked it myself and made a quick Cum Back as she was leaving. Hope her dad finds it.
by takeawalksir January 22, 2014
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To suck the cum back up your dick like a straw.
I almost got Stacy pregnant but I used a cum back.
by TimboMD December 2, 2019
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To wipe your cum off someones chin, or other body part
Bitch if i wanted a cum back I would wipe it off your chin.
by Jake Wright February 16, 2007
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Baby Cum Back is when a baby, typically 3-7 weeks old, starts developing flaky and dry skin on their back.
"Why is your baby's back so dry and flaky? Have you checked if he has Baby Cum Back?
by Quarketh April 21, 2020
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When a girl takes a load of jizz in her mouth, then, without swallowing, goes in for a post orgasm kiss and surprises the guy by spitting his own load into his mouth or on his face.
Last night that bitch surprised me with a dirty cum back! What could I do; I always told told her, spitters are quitters.
by cummmmmming April 23, 2013
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All of April is when you are only allowed to cum on a females back during intercourse when you are about to nut.
Guy1: Dude is cum back season!!!
Guy2: yeah I celebrated it last night!!!
by Poop mated March 11, 2022
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