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Disability that impairs a person's capacity to process the push/pull sign on a door that doesn’t go both ways.
Silly close-minded door.

Nevertheless, doorslexia is a legitimate condition recognized by the American Medical Association, except not.

Doorslexia can manifest itself into inability to make other quick decisions, like what to get on a sandwich or when to look away from cleavage.
“I can’t believe this building isn’t doorslexia compliant. We clearly still have a long way to go as a society.”
by pantstore June 23, 2010

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Attractive in person, but not in photos.
“The camera doesn’t love Carla, but you should meet her, she’s lifeogenic.
by pantstore August 30, 2010

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the way awkward should be spelled.
-how do you spell "awk...ward"?

-Exactly like that.
by pantstore August 08, 2013

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It's that thing when you think you see a parking spot but it turns out to be a Mini Cooper. Close cousin of the Fiat-figment.
Guy parking:
"OOH OOH OOH there's one...right..there..DAMMIT! Mini-mirage."
by pantstore March 29, 2015

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Cuddling in a zero-gravity or low-gravity environment so nobody's arm falls asleep.
-"Honey, could you get up for a second, my arm is asleep."

-"Fine. You know on the Moon colony this isn't a problem, it's nothing but space-cuddling, Tang, and golf."

-"Would you just let it go? We're not moving to Gingrich's lunar Jonestown."
by pantstore February 09, 2012

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The result of food poisoning from Panera.
"I'm sorry Ms. Kardashian, I can't make this sex tape with you because I have a terrible case of Panerrhea."
by pantstore January 17, 2012

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Fresh leftovers. When food is uneaten at the end of a meal and then eaten within a few hours.
"I can't wait for Thanksgiving. But really I can't wait to make an ultimate freftovers turkey sandwich for dinner."
by pantstore November 27, 2014

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