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A little box that bestows a power unknown on its weilder, which gives them the apparent ability to control the facial expression and bodily pose of whomever they point the small box toward.
Cameraman: "Stand over there and raise your hands to the sky"

Others: -stand in directed area and raise hands-"This good?"

Cameraman: "Now Say Cheese"

Others: "Cheese"
by Vyxx August 22, 2007
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1. A device that can capture a frozen image of time itself.
2. An object capable of destroying lives.
3. A device that shows what you really look like.
1. Teh sun will nevere look the same.
2. This is a picture of my boss cheating on his wife. I used a camera to take the picture.
3. Person 1: Oh my god. Why didn't anyone tell me?
Person 2: You always looked like that, you dumbshit.
Person 1: Nooooooooooooo.
by we found a problem October 07, 2007
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a device used to steal the souls of Aboriginal people, referred to as a picture box by many hill-billies.
Look, that aboriginals soul was just stolen by a camera.
by Chodey McChode February 24, 2006
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An electronic device that allows teenage girls to take numerous images of themselves at strange angles so as to post over 9000 un-viewable images all over myspace and be the ~*SuPeR_gIrL*~.
The camera is the device of choice for the camera whore...
by Lord Cohliani February 06, 2010
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Something you take to parties to record events, so you can find out what happened the next day.
We knew it was gonna be a very liquid night at 58 so we had Catelyn bring the camera.
by Scalcar June 06, 2009
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1. an apparatus used to take photographs by the admittance of light rays through an aperture. Often using a lens to focus the rays onto a film of light-responsive chemicals.

2. Dutch slang for cool.
1. There's a nice bird, I'd like to remember what that looks like forever. I think I'll take a photomegraph with my camera.

2. Wow man, thet bord ish sho camera...
by TheIan October 23, 2003
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