Is an extraordinary person inside and out, will go above and beyond for people even when they don’t deserve. Is someone you can always count on even when times get tough. You can tell them anything. You really need a Carla in your life because not only will your life be overjoyed with a girlfriend or friend like Carla but you’ll also have endless laughs no matter what the situation is
Carla is a badass.
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A amazing friend that will care for you even if u hurt her many times. Carla is a heartbroken soul that just wants to be loved. Carla is very pretty even though she denies it. She has long thick brown hair. She has brown skin and beautiful brown eyes. You can ask her for almost anything and she will try to help even if it gets her in trouble. Carla has been through a lot so plz don't stress her out. She may seem tough around people but when she gets home she is a very broke down emotional mess. Besides that she is a real keeper she will never switch up on you.
Kid 1: Hey do you know carla?
Me: Yes one day she will be the love of my life
by Carla.ATX.RedRoses November 27, 2019
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Carla is an amazing, beautiful girl! She has eyes that sparkle everywhere she goes. She has so much sass and attitude that she sometimes even scares you! If you haven't met her and see her from a distance, she is really intimidating but once you get to know her, shes the most unique, selfless and kindest person you'll ever meet! Shes so beautiful and her everything is gorgeous but she dosent belive that. She has insecuritys that are too much to count even tho they shouldn't even be insecurity because shes beautiful anyways. Carlas act tough but they really arnt.
Carlas have a nice body and one big fat ass! Everywhere she goes she turnes heads because its that fat! Carla dosent think shes loved by much people even tho she is!

If you ever see a carla, smile at her and let her know shes loved.
"Carla ha a fat ass"
" carla really is an amazing person"
by Carla is amazing April 4, 2018
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Carla is cute
by June 7, 2021
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An extremely beautiful girl who is very shy and doesn't believe she is stunning.
She had beautiful brown hair that she always styles amazingly.
She has gorgeous blue eyes that you could just stare into forever.
She is an incredible dancer and doesn't let anyone or anything stop her fro doing what she loves.
She often likes guys that don't like her back, but only because her beauty blinds them from her true potential, she is very shy so often doesnt talk to many boys, most of her friends are girls but she has a few very close boy friends.

Her figure is amazing yet she hates it so.
Most boys stop and stare as she walks past.
Very caring and kind person and would make an amazing long term girlfriend.
Jamie: Wow shes stunning.
Lewis: Thats Carla, ive been thinking about asking her out.
Jamie: No way dude! Shes gorgeous, im going to ask her.
by jamlove April 20, 2013
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A vary widely tomboy kind of girl and is vary sweet
by Dyddgghj August 15, 2016
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An admirably smart and beautiful woman who is also classy and good humored.

Cheerful, bubbly and happy.

Most importantly, is good hearted and has great intentions.

*Passionate and loving.

Person who does not realize how gorgeous she is.

Good dancer.

Loves to please others.

Note: Aggressive at times. Also, shorter than most.
The only thing I want is to have a Carla in my life.

Girl: "I wish my hair looked like Carla's."

by MikeAll March 10, 2008
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