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Carla is a truly beautiful girl. She may not believe it, but she is. She has long, wavy, and gorgeous black hair that you just would love to run your fingers through. She is beautiful inside and out. Carla is a caring and loving person that always goes the extra mile for everyone. She has a huge heart that many people admire. Carla charms everyone she meets, she's just that fabulous. She is an extremely intelligent girl. She gives a hundred percent at everything she does. And Carla cares for everyone she meets, even strangers :) She is also a very talented person because she excels at everything she puts her mind to. Her laugh feels everyone with an undescrible joy. Her voice and skill in music is far from ordinary. All in all, she is a hilarious, gorgeous, a great friend to everyone she has ever met :) And any guy would be lucky to date a girl who is half as laid back and awesome as Carla.
Hey, do you see that girl, Carla, over there?

Yeah, man.

She seems really cool. I wanna go talk to her, but I'm too scared. How could a guy like me every have a chance with a girl like her?
by Someone who loves Carla November 05, 2012
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The most amazing lady in the universe. Just the mere sight of her is enough to take a guy's breath away. She's stunning, intelligent, driven and responsible. She is drop-dead gorgeous; every guy thinks so, but she always denies it. Other than having the cutest face and a Coke bottle-shaped body, she, above all, has a one-of-a-kind personality. She'll do anything for those that are close to her. You could always count on her to help you with any problem, big or small. She may be shy, but once you get to know her and finally get her to open up, she could be the strangest and weirdest girl you will ever meet (in a good way).

Most of all, she's unlike other girls. She cares, but she's also understanding and forgiving. She's passionate, but not clingy. She's chill and laidback, but not apathetic. She never picks a fight with you over anything, and to be mad at her for ANYTHING would be a crime. Essentially, she's the perfect girlfriend, and any guy would be lucky to have her by their side. She's a keeper, for sure. Ultimately, once you get to know her inside-and-out, you'll definitely find that she's your soulmate - the girl you've been waiting your whole life for - and a girl who you could picture yourself spending your whole life with. She's just the epitome of perfection, and I'm glad and truly blessed to have found her in such an unexpected place and at such an unexpected time. I love her so very much, and I never want to lose her.
John Doe: "You know Carla, right?"
Me: "Of course, I do. She's my girlfriend, and she's perfect! All the guys want her, but they can't have her. She's all mine."
by ILOVECARLA April 15, 2013
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An admirably smart and beautiful woman who is also classy and good humored.

Cheerful, bubbly and happy.

Most importantly, is good hearted and has great intentions.

*Passionate and loving.

Person who does not realize how gorgeous she is.

Good dancer.

Loves to please others.

Note: Aggressive at times. Also, shorter than most.
The only thing I want is to have a Carla in my life.

Girl: "I wish my hair looked like Carla's."

by MikeAll March 09, 2008
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An extremely beautiful girl who is very shy and doesn't believe she is stunning.
She had beautiful brown hair that she always styles amazingly.
She has gorgeous blue eyes that you could just stare into forever.
She is an incredible dancer and doesn't let anyone or anything stop her fro doing what she loves.
She often likes guys that don't like her back, but only because her beauty blinds them from her true potential, she is very shy so often doesnt talk to many boys, most of her friends are girls but she has a few very close boy friends.

Her figure is amazing yet she hates it so.
Most boys stop and stare as she walks past.
Very caring and kind person and would make an amazing long term girlfriend.
Jamie: Wow shes stunning.
Lewis: Thats Carla, ive been thinking about asking her out.
Jamie: No way dude! Shes gorgeous, im going to ask her.
by jamlove April 20, 2013
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So passionate and emotional it clouds her judgement. Can be ferocious at times or loving and fiercely loyal. Cares about others and can make even the darkest situation seem bright. A beautiful individual inside and out.
by mattador December 07, 2010
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Carla is a gorgeous, amazing crazy girl (:
Maaaannnyyy boys will like her, but she wouldn't say yes to any of them..

She is a great friend and has a great life and she is really skinny. You will be lucky to know her, she's so nice but sensitive.
Jacob: Hey look at that girl over there, she's amazing, and she's skinny.
Harry: Must be a Carla ;)
by Leisshh April 30, 2012
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Carla's are especially wonderful people to come across. One will find that a Carla, while seemingly sweet at first, is very perceptive and competitive. She has a fiery attitude and loves to be first in everything (Especially winning). Shes not afraid to push herself to the top when she knows what she wants. Carla's love to read but when the moment arrives, she will be the life of the party. Carla's make amazingly good and loyal friends.
Hey, who called shot gun?
Carla of course! She's never one to be left behind.
by songbird0010 November 08, 2010
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