A party hosted by commies a long times ago in south america where you lie on the ground sunbathing after drinking poisonous Kool aid
Person 1: Have you been to Jonestown?
Person 2: Yes.
Person 1: How come you are still alive?
by eggman nega February 10, 2021
One of the worst events in United States History. 918 people died of either gunshots, stabbings, or drinking a cyanide laced fruit drink. This incident is what made the phrase "don't drink the Kool-aid".
"9/11 was the worst US tragedy, but Jonestown is a close second"
by Sidd t April 1, 2013
n. phenomenon that occurs in the wake of a house party, when large numbers of party-goers may pass out where ever they can find room. This scene brings to mind the news footage of the 1978 Jonestown mass suicide in Guyana in which 909 followers of Jim Jones were coerced into drinking cyanide laced beverages (see also kool-aid party). The chilling images captured after the cult suicide depicted piles of oddly serene bodies scattered throughout a compound, like the drunken, passed-out party-goers.
"Dude your rager was phenomenal, looked like Jonestown in your parent's living room this morning."
by jp rabbit March 9, 2010
A small town in Lebanon county, PA. It's extremely boring. There are no average income or normal people living there. Children from Jonestown are eather spoiled rotten good-for-nothings or poor and live off of welfare the rest of their lives. Very few honest people grow up in Jonestown. It is highly advised that you do NOT move here.
kid 1: You wanna go chill in Jonestown today?
kid 2: haha, the only thing I go there for is to get drugs, you seriously want to hang out in THAT boring place?
by DJHampsterDance December 30, 2011
as a reference the the infamous massacre in South America, if you say something is a jonestown that means there a lot of people lying down outside, say at a slumber party or a beach
"The party looks like a jonestown with all the people lying out on the grass."
by hnt November 19, 2007
The mythical place people say they are when they are in need of a fix.
"Dude, I'm totally in jonestown right now, know where I can pick up?"
by Laptop (Buttoneyes) June 16, 2009
In the Mid 70’s a preacher named Jim Jones created his own town, formerly named JonesTown. Approximately 1000 people lived there and he promised them a utopian society. Later he brought them to a secluded area and killed men, women, and children with cyanid infused Kool-Aid. He brutally killed the children first, And shot him self after they all died.
by CDR KINGZz November 29, 2017