We wouldn't know anything about the Kardashians if O. J. hadn't chimped out and neither had Robert Kardashian tampered with evidence in favor of his friend Chimpson who was then absolved by the Black-Lies-Matter jury - obviously for them a couple of slashed throats don't matter if the skin color is not right.
by O. W. Tongueincheek August 22, 2021
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to be made out of plastic
James: That girl looks plastic.
Antonio: Oh wow! must be a Kardashian
by Kidswillbekids September 8, 2019
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An irritating species that dwells in the lovely state of California. They like their coffee how they like their men, except for the exception of Scott Disick. They use strange vocabulary because they never got an education. Plastic surgery is their god and they wouldn’t be rich without it. They’re so desperate for attention they’ll post nudes on their social media’s even though they have fucking kids.
North: “Mommy how did you become famous?!”

Kim Kardashian: “shit...”
by Shookums666 August 19, 2018
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A fake, bitchy, self-centered, person who thinks of no one but themselves who is willing to do anything (sex tape) to become famous.
Ugh, I hate that girl she could be a kardashian!
by For_sure December 16, 2013
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A Kardashian is something, that makes you dumber, just by being exposed to it.
Fred Phelps was a real Kardashian.
by Oimfiel October 8, 2014
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(adj.) A “Kardashian” is a unit of measurement representing 72 days of marriage, as ratified by the Anonymous Measurement Council.

Also refers to a female who is vapid, shallow, and burdened with a large posterior.
I've been married for 10 Kardashians... I feel so old!
by Artemis Crouch November 3, 2011
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