When someone is so done with something (a comment, a person, etc.) they can’t even finish a sentence.
I want a salad, but just the lettuce part.”

“I can’t—”
by spoopydumpling May 24, 2018
An extraordinary way to say ‘i love you’ or ‘i love you too’. It might be confusing at first but it is sometimes used by people who cringes at the phrase ‘i love you’. Or they just want to be unique. It is also used in a movie about a couple.
Her: I love you
Him: I can’t breathe
Her: What do you mean?
Him: I mean I love you too...
by Anonymous Loving Creature April 4, 2019
Mike: what’s up Richard?
Richard: I can’t call it, what’s up with you?
by Abdoo Mohd May 16, 2019
When someone or something is so absurd , you can’t deal with them.

You are so over it that you can’t even.
I’m so hung over and my work wants me to come in on my day off, I can’t even.
by Twodoves October 6, 2017
I Can’t Sweem is a term often used when Denki can’t swim. You can never go wrong when you can’t Sweem
*at the beach*
Alien Queen: Happy Birthday Denki!

Denki looking at the water with floatys on his arms crying out: I can’t sweem
by Bakguo is my father April 16, 2019
I can’t remember
I can’t remember
by Biwwy2938 December 17, 2019
“Are you singing I can’t take big d-
by DELIBOE December 28, 2019