A meal is when someone is lookin full course delicious. Like you just wanna give them the hyucc.
"Damn, Keith over there looking like a MEAL."
by Bitch sit down! January 29, 2017
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noun: A game played by an indivdual whilst walking down the street. The individual is hungry but is deciding whether or not to actually go in a store and purchase food.

This game usually involves talking to the banker, which in fact is the persons own wallet. If you cant afford it then its "No Meal!!"
Bob: "Hey man what did you do yesterday? I tried calling you"

John: "Oh yeah, I was walking through the food court in the mall playing Meal Or No Meal. The banker only offered a dollar fifty so I said No Meal."
by BizzleJTOWN September 29, 2010
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Refers to instances where between encounters with a person, you notice that they have put on a considerable amount of weight in circumstances where it is only possible for that person to have eaten a substantial amount of food. The only way to get so large is for that person to have gotten 'on the meal' or 'hitting the meal'.
Wow look at old Alison, she looks like she's been on the meal.

Q) Have you seen Janet recently?
A) No.
Q) Yeah well she's massive. Must have really been on the meal quite a bit.
by Refreshment Boxx November 3, 2013
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v. to desire a member of the opposite sex

n. member of the opposite sex looks good enough to eat

v. to eat
v.I'd meal on her

n. she's meal

v. let's go meal
by theVtheory October 9, 2010
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The meal is known to a small few as a sexual position in which a girl and a kitchen table are needed. You are to lie the girl face up on the table with her legs spread and dinner is served. The sexual act you perform is "third base".
Tom: Hey Susan, you wanna get busy?
Susan: Well theres the kitchen table, how about im your meal?
Tom: You mean the meal?
Susan: Oh yes... The meal baby
by Kevin AKA FuzzyIndian July 24, 2006
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The act of having an awkward meal with someone after a night of hooking up - often associated with a drunken hook-up resulting in an unplanned sleepover.
"Dude, when I woke up I forgot she was there - she was so drunk the night before, I figured the least I could do was meal her before taking her home."

"I was so hungover and just wanted to go home but he totally mealed me."
by bitchesandslutsandhoes March 6, 2009
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a general term of approval, synonymous with words such as awesome, great, pimp, sick etc... The term originated from the awesomness of getting McDonald's meals when one is wasted.
John: Yo man i won like $100 at the casino last night, then went to the strip club!


John: that IS meal bro.
by GordonBombay87 September 30, 2010
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