Brad was too cheap to spring for a hotel, so we went parking at Lover's Lane.
by Mystie March 27, 2005
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When a man places his erect phallus inside of a woman's vagina, and after insertion is complete neither party moves until the man removes his member. There is no set time limit for the act of parking.

This method of intercourse is considered not having sex by some young adults members of the LDS church, and therefore is viewed as a loophole in the "not sex before marriage" dogma of the Mormon faith. This notion can be argued as being either extremely naive or very clever, depending on your point of view.
LDS Youth 1: How'd your study date with Denise go last night?

LDS Youth 2: Great! We ended up parking at the end of the night!

LDS Youth 1: Wait. Isn't that sex?

LDS Youth 2: It isn't sex unless you move around and stuff, so we're still pure in the eyes of the Lord.

Non-LDS Youth: (after overhearing the conversation) Parking IS sex; you're justifying it to fit your beliefs.

LDS Youth 1&2: Be gone, non-believer!
by DJ EeeKay July 21, 2010
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Something you spend half your gas on.
Tom was frustrated by the lack of parking lots at his school and decided to drive his car through the dean's office.
by Melville_the_Millipede January 15, 2006
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Parking is the act of stopping a vehicle, exiting it, and leaving the vehicle unoccupied for more than a brief time. It is against the law virtually everywhere to park a vehicle in the middle of a highway or road. In all countries where motor vehicles are in common use, specialized parking facilities are routinely constructed in combination with most structures to facilitate the coming and going of the structures' users.

Parking facilities include indoor and outdoor private property belonging to a house, the side of the road, a parking lot or car park, and indoor and outdoor multi-level structures.

In the U.S., after the first public parking garage was opened in Boston, May 24, 1898, livery stables in urban centers began to be converted into garages. In cities of the Eastern US, many former livery stables, with lifts for carriages, continue to operate as garages today.

The following terms exemplify regional variations in language. All except ''carport'' refer to outdoor multi-level parking facilities. In some regional dialects, some of these phrases refer also to indoor or single-level facilities.

*''Parking ramp'' (used in some parts of the upper Midwest, especially Minneapolis, but sometimes seen as far east as Toledo, Ohio). In Minneapolis, this term ''never'' refers to an indoor facility; that would be called a ''parking garage''.
*''Multi-storey car park'' (England)
*''Parkade'' (Canada, South Africa)
*''Parking structure'' (Western U.S.)
*''Parking garage'' (Eastern USA, where this term refuses to distinguish between outdoor multi-level parking facilities and indoor parking facilities; to a Minneapolitan this term emphatically says indoor parking facility; to a Bostonian it does not.)
*''Parking deck'' (Sighted in both New Jersey and North Carolina.)
*''Carport'' (open-air covered parking)
I plan on parking my car today. I anticipate it to be a quality experience.
by GrandMarquisLS November 28, 2005
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1. To go to the park

2. Relaxing in the park

3. Playing frisbee, football etc in the park
We should go parking later if the weather's good.
by Sahip June 8, 2007
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1. to postition a vehicle in a designated area for storage.

2. to be pretty good at golf.
1. i parked my car before i went into the store
2. look at my score today! i am the PAR-KING!
by Klosterman6969 July 29, 2004
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