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the neo-pagan phrase 'kimengo' (meaning 'hows it goin?')requires a suitably Ukraine sounding reply- Kimango means 'ok, i guess'- its a standard reply.
1.Sea serpent-Kimengo?
Seat stealer- Kimango!
by panda January 25, 2005
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a little yellow square dude that lives in a pinnaple has a pet snail named gary is best friends with patrick the starfish works at the krusty krab making krabby patties for mr. krabs and daughter pearl the whale and then goes to boating school with mrs. puff to get hims boating lisence and loves jelly fishing and karate with his other friendsandy cheeks the underwater squirrel and then in hisspare time he tends to annoy squidward as he lives next door to him and then works with him
Jelly fishing jelly fishing yeah
i'm ready i'm ready
by panda February 28, 2005
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in poker, it's 3 of a kind
"i was playing holdem, and i flopped a set!"
by panda August 31, 2004
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originates from the character "gonzo" with a long nose and big round eyes... it's when a guy puts his two balls on someone's face; one over each eye, and puts his penis on their nose, therefore making the victim look like gonzo
The girl got gonzoed as she was kneeling by the bed.
by panda March 31, 2005
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Ravaging around with no regard for anything or anyone.
When panda rushes 3 htp members with a dgl, knowing they have navies and colts.
by panda December 21, 2004
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