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originates from the character "gonzo" with a long nose and big round eyes... it's when a guy puts his two balls on someone's face; one over each eye, and puts his penis on their nose, therefore making the victim look like gonzo
The girl got gonzoed as she was kneeling by the bed.
by panda March 31, 2005
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an eigth of an ounce of hash or cannabis
lemme grab two slices and a forty of yay
by panda September 30, 2003
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A band who has really cool music....Swing Swing is one of their best! They are cool!
by panda September 21, 2003
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1.) Nickname for Dunmore, PA; AKA SHITHOLE
2.) Nickname for a PENIS
"I'm not moving back to "D"....."
"Did you touch his "D"?!"
by panda March 29, 2003
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Australian slang. Something which is fabulously, excellently superb. See ripsnorter.
"Fuckin' hell mate, did you see the end of the cricket last night? Dead set fuckin' ball-tearer it was."
by panda January 18, 2005
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