An almost insane desire, longing, or burning lust for someone or something. You feel like without that thing or person, you are not complete and can't cope, or- in extreme circumstances- live, unless you have the object you desire.
Getting back with my ex-boyfriend has become such an obsession for me that I lose sleep trying to think of ways to lure him back into my arms.
by Jalyssa January 17, 2007
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obsession  /əbˈsɛʃən/ Show Spelled Pronunciation uhb-sesh-uhn

–noun 1. the domination of one's thoughts or feelings by a persistent idea, image, desire, etc.
Karls current obsession is to get a new computer just because Larry has one and he keeps staring at computer hardware web pages.
by Firefoxx65 February 17, 2010
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someone who is sickly addicted to thinking about you and what you are doing, and making everything you do about them.
they never get enough of the thought of you in their head, it’s never ending.
they’re obsessed.
joan has a complete obsession with gresa did you know?
by ahahhaahdidilie April 4, 2020
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Something that you think about or do all of the time over and over.
All of the girls who wrote in about Orlando bloom and think that they love him. (or is that just dilusional?)
by Shandy December 23, 2003
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A word used by the lazy to describe the dedicated

the gym has become john's obsession, or am i just lazy?.
by Yano Blamo September 21, 2006
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Leave Britney alooonnnneeeeeeee!!!

Now that's total obsession!
by dg730 February 2, 2008
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Nature's way of telling you, "This Rocks!"
Danny recognized my obsession with tigers when i related everything I said to them and changed my name to something tiger-related.
by Xander L'Tigre April 3, 2006
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