The world's second-largest ocean, separating the eastern Americas and western Europe and Africa, extending from the Artic in the North and the Antartic in the South.
by David November 14, 2003
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To pond - to have sexual intercourse with someone affectionately.
I would really love to pond Amy Pond.
by Anonymouse42139 April 27, 2010
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cool water where people go to cool off - located on a farm. a place for sexual explorations.

it is also a secret meeting place on hot summer nights, for college homosexuals.
Holden: Have you seen Luke and Noah?
Lily: Yes, I think they just went down to the pond

Luke: That was the best swim I have ever had.
Noah: Oh I know.
by cjlxx April 17, 2009
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1. A man-made body of water usually found in gardens and parks.

2. A website based around weird animations, usually crap) flash games and a weird (really weird) storys.

3. Home of the Billy Chronicles
1. I have five fish swimming in my pond.

2. Have you guys checkout recently.

3. Have you read the latest Billy Chronicle at yet. It's worse than the last one and that must have been really hard.
by Jordon Peace December 19, 2005
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when u unintentionally fill ya girl’s belly button with cum after pulling out and it makes a lil pond
“I gave my girl a pond last night after pulling out.”
by mangothicc April 29, 2018
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A place where you go pick up dogs. (dog pound)
I want to go see if the dog pond has any yellow labs.
by Dianeb December 7, 2006
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