A really cute, smart, nice guy that would do anything to make you happy. He is also very competitive, since he is an athlete. If you tell him he can't do something, he will prove to you that he can. But you can never lie to him. His gorgeous eyes will make your heart melt and every time you want to talk to him, it just melts you. When it comes to relationships, he is the best guy to be with. He will make you giggle when you're feeling down, giggle even if you're happy, and just anything to see you happy. His hugs are so comforting and make you feel protective.
Patrick is the cutest
by Dr.Snuggles November 30, 2017
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Patrick is a weird person in a good way. He has an odd sense of humor and is really nice. He’s talkative if you’re close to him. Extremely passionate and hyper about sports, and enjoys athletics. He has a nice face it’s coolio. He may have extreme political views, but it’s for what he thinks is best. His intentions are good. He’s really smart, but is sometimes unsure of himself. Even if he hasn’t been through something, he’ll try to understand. He’s really humble in many aspects of things. Patrick is yeetalicious.
That dood named Patrick is a meme boss
by Ditatable January 23, 2018
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Patrick: I'm Patrick, My name means Toaster in Celtic
Sage: Pretty sure it doesn't
by IsItVladmir November 26, 2019
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The love of your life. The guy who's eyes you could just stare into all day. The guy who teases you and plays with your fingers. The guy who promised he'd love you forever and writes you love notes. The boy who makes you feel like a princess. The boy who everyone knows for his humor and sarcastic comments. If you have patrick, take care of him because he's something special. You won't forget him. I promise.
You are so lucky you have Patrick!
by Inlovewithyoulalala August 5, 2013
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Most perfect guy ever. No questions. He's awkward and a little shy, but he's the sweetest and most thoughtful person in the world. He brings out the absolute best in people. He knows the exact words to make anyone feel better. He might not be the strongest, most athletic guy ever, but he definitely is adorable and more than amazing. Whoever ends up with Patrick should never regret it.
Patrick asked me out!
He's weak.
But he calls me beautiful everyday.
by youonlyliveninetimes April 20, 2012
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Patrick is the boy with nothing to regret. He lives life to the fullest with smiles and laughs with his friends. He always has a joke to share and is always making others smile and laugh no matter what. He cares about his friends and family and is honest and kind. He may sometimes hurt feelings with his jokes but he is the one person you just can't stay mad at. He'll make ya smile just by looking at him because he's so ridiculous and stupid. He is secretly smart but doesn't show it much. He is gorgeous and sporty. He is strong but immature. Ya can't help but love him.
Patrick is the funniest person ever!
Lol he makes me laugh everyday!!
by PersonOfInterest June 10, 2013
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pa-trik noun.

A sweet, caring, understanding, loyal Australian man with a great heart. Patrick is one of the most amazing and sincere people you will ever meet.
You will be extremely lucky to have this romantic, charming, handsome and extremely hot photographer in your life. Both his good looks and his height are impressive, as well as his tender and deep voice which will melt any girl's heart.
His dedication and love for his girlfriend are admirable, causing her to be ready to do anything for him and adore him more than anything in the world.
On Valentine's Day, Patrick is deserving of a public declaration of your love, and so much more.
by serendipity21 February 7, 2013
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