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"We totally lagooned Toby with that blow up sheep on his doorstep! Hope he doesn't call the police!"
by cuntfuckll February 16, 2009
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a person relating to those whose origin is the so cal city of laguna beach. Fake, trend-follower, as shallow as my little brother's kiddie pool.
male: hollister model wannabe
female: fake-baked barbie, O.C. style
"Hey Cheb, look at that lagoon over there; let us make haste to rid our memory of that forsaken soul."
by Gilby and Mahoney February 18, 2005
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sexual position where one bends oneself into the shape of an "E". This must be done in a standing postion.
"Can you believe we walked in on steph and rob lagooning last night?"
"damn... I didn't know they could bend like that while standing up."
by Steph&Rob March 23, 2009
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buy the domain for your pet vlog
When a player blames lag for him dying
Lagoon"I was clear of that aoe, stupid lag!"
by G3netix March 15, 2018
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