Double vaginal. Used when talking about a female taking two cocks up her pussy at the same time. Can also be performed in conjunction with DP & DA as well as a number of other combinations.

And more...
by jasun January 12, 2005
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DV - A dysfunctional veteran, someone who served in the armed forces and put up with so much bullshit that they are now dysfunctionally crazy in the civilian way of life
Adam: Hey Kyle, I heard that John is a DV!
Kyle: You didn't know!? That's why he always smells like whiskey and bacon and calls everyone fucker..
by ianthegreat February 27, 2016
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"You blud i would fuck that man"
"Naa bruv i like mine DV init!
"what you mean g?"
"disigner vaginaaa bluddd, all neatly tucked in n shit init.."
by CYNiCaLx* March 29, 2009
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I have DV.
by acdows November 4, 2017
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Dedicated Vandals. A graffiti crew started in 1985. UK based, original members include Score, Dose, Dome, Cel, Theme, Unit, Atak
Score DV, Dose DV, Dome DV
by Dose DV June 13, 2011
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Does your title give the IV, the DV, and the method used in your study?
by Gods own G March 13, 2006
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Stands for DeathView. Describes someone who is extremely angry and rages a lot.
Kow: OMG I keep on dying in CoD! WTH!

Me: Why are you so DV bro?
by Frogergy June 28, 2013
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