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Short for "Dirty Little Secret"

Self-explanatory. A secret thing (such as a love affair, or shameful thought) that you don't want anybody to know. The phrase was popularized by the song "Dirty Little Secret" by the All-American Rejects.
Yeah, we see each other every week and my wife doesn't know. She's my DLS.
by justlookin September 21, 2008
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Depressed Lesbian Syndrome

When a depressed lesbian goes to another lesbian for attention and then gets turned down.

The depressed lesbian may then use slurs like Bitch and Slut, or steal your birthday presents and give you the curse eyes while you're in the next room on the toilet.

Depressed Lesbian Syndrome is an act of upmost slutterly and even worst can result in damaging other lesbians; damaging themself the most.

THe deppressed lesbo is in a midlife crisis too soon and is incapable for it's own actions and responsiblities. She may turn to man for attention, ruining her reputation into a prostitute or hooker whore. Unlike the Depressed Fag Syndrome, DLS is the bipolar opposite. They lie, cheat and steal from everyone and everyone reflects on their sour actions and hurt the hearts of many.
Cari suffers from DLS and she needs to be treated after stealing all of those girls belongings.

DLS results not only in deaths of hooker girls, but makes Carmen Electra look good.

Those girls on DLS ruined my birthday and I'm never going to party again.

Why do the guys on DFS sleep with the girls on DLS when they seriously stole money and other things while the nice girls were simply asleep?

Why are we friending people that are on DFS and DLS they are untrustworthy?
by europopian December 10, 2009
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to tell a dirty little secret in the popular thread on the website gaiaonline.
What'd you do today?
I dlsed. Go check it out.
by Dorothy98 January 02, 2009
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Short for, "Dry Lip Syndrome"
Girl 1: "So.. how'd the date go?"
Girl 2: "Ehhh.."
Girl 1: "Did you kiss him?"
Girl 2: "I couldn't, he had DLS :("
by aaaalexxxx February 05, 2009
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Dirty Little Secret
-a secret you and someone else share that you don't want anyone else to know for it may be too much for any other person's ears
Girl 1: "You got breast implants?!"
Girl 2: "Yeah, but don't tell anyone. It's our DLS."
by truasblu123 December 20, 2008
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