He’s too cute you can’t even handle how cute he is and he can fuck you so good you never want it to end. He’s so sweet and looks like he’s so sweet and is the sweetest boy you will ever meet and know how to treat his girlfriend right and once he finds love he will want them to be his true love he’s a very sexy guy once you meet him you will never let go of him for how he is
“Bro wendell is so sexy if fuck him” “he is so perfect with his girlfriend” “ BRO HES SO HOT “
by Iloveyouhoe July 21, 2019
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A fine man that bags lots of bitchs.
He is independent and he cares for money. He is black and sexy.
Girls can resist him
by Manlover11 March 14, 2017
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To shit like you never shat before!
He wendell'd the toilet.
Basically means he wrote it off.
by Khalidabukalusa August 27, 2014
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Ugly ass rugrats character that can hold your books on his head during your walk to civ class
Damn look at that wendell I know his neck hurts with all those books
by Ping_pong_Bebon October 8, 2018
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The commonly known Wendy's Franchise, but normally located on the "other" side of town. Store hours slightly vary and employees ethnicity includes a minor increase in minorities.
Its 2:30 A.M, Wendy's is closed, so I will go to Wendell's.
by gmailman June 7, 2010
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A beautiful man with a beautiful heart and soul. This man is someone who puts others before himself and has endless love to give. A Wendel may have his own demons on the inside but he hides them well to help people tackle their own problems. He always puts others first and is highly intelligent. Wendel also has a soulmate, always a Lauren. Together they help the world and defeat negativity. They spread smiles and love
He is always there for me, what a Wendel
by Miss.SpaceGhost April 20, 2020
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to become drunk, stoned or otherwise to the point of nonsensical jibberish. In honour of legendary NewsToday.com user 'wendell'.
"I've have a bad day, got to get to the pub and get wendelled"
by rasko October 3, 2003
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