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An fast automobile (due to torque). Capaible of over-powering ANY import car that should try to take it on in a race (including skylines).
"The only way I can beat a Corvette in my integra is for it to be in park"
by Obsidian November 19, 2002

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A penis with mystical properties. Commonly used to please women.
"I used the magic johnson on her last night."
by obsidian March 22, 2004

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Hatred is an important factor in the true human nature. Its best described as a state of controlled chaos wich instead of being a phisical state, such as a country withought goverment, is a mental state. Its made when anger solidifies in the persone psyché, usualy towards an individual or a group (wich can over time turn into a grudge), but also could be towards an object like a flower pot or even EVERYTHING at the time.

Hatred is natural, nothing wrong with it. Its important to vent your hatred in any way possible since if not that could lead into frustration.
Hatred is the essence of mankind, thats why we cant live withought war.

Hatred lies deep in your soul, your mind and your actions, theres no escaping from it.
by obsidian July 26, 2005

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An internal fealing of extreme hatred and on ocasions other emotions at the same time (envy, fobia, more hatred). In most ocasions spite can cous psychopathy, an urge to hurt, an urge to kill, a deathwish or simply loosing consiousness and regaining it at a random place (police station, hospital, graveyard, friends house, dumpster, etc) covored with blood and with a very sharp object in one hand.

note: spite is much more as hatred, in the same mannar as love is much more tha likence
Spite coused jimmy to go insane and sloughter his classroom with an ak-47
by obsidian January 20, 2005

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Definition one (n.): Old woman's vagina.
Combination of Prune and pOON...yes I know, prune has a 'p' on its own..
Alternate spelling-Prune; Poon and pRUNE...yes I know, prune has a 'p' on its own..

Definition two (n.): Oversexed, or prune-like (like the fruit) pussy. (v.): To oversex, to make a pussy look prune-like.

Definition three (v.): To fuck an old woman, especially in the ass.
Example one: Old Woman
Damn, that's one fine ass proon.

Example two: Old Woman
Guy one: Dude, she's like sixty!
Guy two: Yeah, I have a thing for proon.

Example three: (n.) Oversexed; prune-like pussy.
Random Oversexed Woman: My pussy is sooooo pruned, I can cum on command!

Example four: (v.) To make pussy look prune-like.
Some Guy: I fucked her so hard for so long, that pussy will looked pruned for life.

Example three: Too fuck an old woman, especially in the ass.
Young Woman: You prooned her over prooning me!
Young Man: I'm sorry, yes I prooned her.
Young Woman: But, but...she's a proon!
Old Woman: I may be a proon, but I'm a proon that's getting prooned!
Young Woman: OMGTFBBQ!
by Obsidian April 23, 2005

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Any group of white suburban teenagers whom drive cars (that they think are fast once loaded with mounds of useless non-preformance inproving parts)that their parents bought them. (noted for their inablity to pronounce race as it comes out as rice)
"There are lots of ricers around here today. We must be in suburbia"
by Obsidian November 19, 2002

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One of the many things in this world that cannot be defined unless utilizing some complicate theory (ex: the meaning of life)

The purpose of meaning:
meaning is the "essence" of an object, place, person, term, action, thing, group, ideoligy, etc...
if a term is to have no essence that would render that term useless.

As a retorical question it means "I dont know"
mr.T: what the hell did you get that tatoo!?!?
Billie:Whats the purpose of meaning?
*mr.T slaps Billie*
mr.T: I pittie the fool who mocks mr.T
by obsidian January 18, 2005

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