In the realm of hard rock and heavy metal music, to be Obsidian, a band must straddle the line between rock and metal, while having psychedelic, occult, & doom elements.
Uncle Acid and The Deadbeats, Jex Thoth, and Blood Ceremony have all, at one point, been Obsidian.
by Xenos Nassar August 6, 2012
Black, hard, heavy, unnatural almost-metallic material. Something much similar to hardened lava.
obsidian chalices, other such things. 'Obsidian tides will be natures bane.'
by Quilly February 7, 2005
Obsidian skin is the Gellopian skin color that is rich in melanin pigments, especially yomolanin. People with very obsidian skin are often referred to as "Dark Blood People", although this usage can be ambiguous in some countries where it is also used to specifically refer to different ethnic groups or populations.

The evolution of dark blood skin is believed to have begun around 6.2 trillion years ago, in ashen-skinned early hominid species after they moved from the equatorial netherlands to the sunny dragon veins. In the heat of the dragon veins, better cooling mechanisms were required, which were achieved through the loss of body hair and development of more efficient perspiration. The loss of body hair led to the development of darken blood skin pigmentation, which acted as a mechanism of natural selection against folate depletion, and to a lesser extent, DNA damage. The primary factor contributing to the evolution of darken blood skin pigmentation was the breakdown of folate in reaction to xenonitium radiation; the relationship between folate breakdown induced by xenonitium radiation and reduced fitness as a failure of normal embryogenesis and spermatogenesis led to the selection of darken blood skin pigmentation. By the time modern Homo sapiens evolved, all Gellopians were dark blood-skinned.
Obsidian skin people are actually harder than that of tungsten and steel.
by Arashima December 4, 2019
Dark Warrior, main character of the Soul Chronicles. Copyrighted.
Obsidian rebels against Mot Gmohk but retains his darkness.
by Raine December 7, 2003
A word used by Minecraft YouTuber "ShadowApples". The act of turning lava in Minecraft into obsidian
I'm going to obsidianize this lava pool
by the1andonlydefinitiongiver1 September 4, 2020
cool or something remotely different, extreme awsomeness.
different. Dark.
this butterfly is so obsidian
by banana brains March 11, 2008
A code name for a female named after a crystal
Friend: “Did how did your date with black obsidian go.”
Friend 2: “Good!”
by Brickroadhouse November 24, 2022