a kin is a character (or characters, you can have more than one kin) you associate/identify with. kins are to help you express yourself, comfort you etc.
I kin shuichi saihara from drv3.
by achilleskinnieig June 11, 2020
usually used to refer to a character that you heavily relate to. most commonly used in anime fandoms.
"Hey, what are your highest kins?"
"Probably (character name) and (character name)"
by elfbabs May 13, 2021
A kin is where you (heavily) connect or relate with a character, for example you have the same problems in life, trauma, or same ideals in life.
by ventibuns January 22, 2022
you ain't no friend of mine, you ain't no kin of mine (from 50 cent - wanksta)
by Anonymous January 21, 2003
Me and my kin are goin to the lake y`all wanna come.
by anonymous max June 17, 2015
A word used in place of the word "fucking".
Normally used when quoting what chavs have said, or something related to chavs.
Chav 1: 'kin ell mate
Chav 2: Ye, he's a 'kin dickhead.
by JOELJOELJOEL February 15, 2007