Yes I would agree to a beer and pretzel fuelled design session...
Lewis: Do you want to have a beer and pretzel fuelled design session on Sat

Tim: Fuck yo!
by TimWright January 13, 2009
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Fuck yo couch!!- Comes from Chappelle show--use as an insult, or...just shout it randomly!
by Skittles!! May 30, 2005
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1. More disrespectful than 'fuck you' because it means disrespect to you, your property, and your crib.

2. Can simply mean that you don't give a damn about someones couch
1. "Hey let's go watch it at my house"
"Man fuck yo couch"

2. "Get your feet off my couch"
"Man fuck yo couch"
by Justin October 14, 2004
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Comes from a Chappelle's show sketch where charlie murphy (eddie murphy's brother) is telling stories from the 80's when he used to hang out with famous people on account of his brother. they call it charlie murphy's true hollywood stories or something. and he's talking about Rick James coming over, all high on cocaine, with muddy boots, and kicking them all over Eddie's brand new expensive couch, and he's just yelling "FUCK YO COUCH, NIGGAH!" so they beat the crap out of him.
by Kecktardo October 28, 2005
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The most offensive thing you can say to someone
Chris: Nigga your shoes are ugly. Johnston: These penny loafers, fuck yo cheese
by CJ-BP June 9, 2011
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V. Used as a term to let someone know that their stuff is unequivalent to their own. Originally stated by Notorious B.I.G.
..... Fuck yo shit! .............bitch.......
by Jizzmenez February 14, 2006
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An insult that can be used by anyone. The dirty mouthed cousin of "yo momma"
John: yo dude. you totally got owned on the feild today.
John: woah brah, you know my mom's dead.
Mike: EVEN BETTER. pussy.
by Alix Leswugfgnsfgn May 9, 2008
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