your soul is DED
by HailRussia November 25, 2019
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To do anything, even something bad or dishonest, in return for money, power, respect, success, etc.
Never sell your soul to anybody and/or for anything. Always be true to yourself, your heart and your soul.
by Mr. Terrence L. Trezvant November 21, 2004
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to sell your soul or bet it by basically risking your life for anything
1 way: Rondo will gamble with your soul. 2nd way: i cant take this i need her i have to gamble with my soul.
by LilDurksGrillz January 14, 2021
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Something a Grim Reaper does before you die by touching you so you don't feel any pain when you die.
The phrase Pop your soul originates from the hit TV series Dead Like Me.
by OneBadAsp October 25, 2006
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When the penis is sucked to the point where the balls retreat(shribble up) back into the body.
by Mr.Incognito November 30, 2016
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"when you go down on a lady", "lick her vagina", "oral on a lady"
I'm gonna snatch your soul! Can I snatch your soul?
by Rhythmic abyss May 1, 2018
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