any form of transportation that does not requre much human effort.
i know! we can take an automobile to the party.
by luke7989847 October 29, 2007
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As Beyonce best described it, automobills are bills that are associated with your automobile.
From the song "I can pay my automobills" because she's an independent woman.
by KatieMc June 28, 2007
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A automobile is a a duck on wheels and they are really scary because they carry

by Hdhdgdyiewh March 20, 2023
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Two or more cars on a highway that continually pass each other as they vary their acceleration.
I wish that guy would speed up or slow down for good; I'm tired of playing automobile leapfrog with him.
by cosmobencomo February 10, 2010
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n. A euphemism for vagina (Swedish carmaker Volvo sounds very similar to a certain part of the female anatomy).
“Steve, even if Dina opts to go commando that doesn’t necessarily give you free rein to relentlessly venture to sneak a peek of her Swedish automobile.”
by The Raging Bull June 7, 2005
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When bits of left over shit fell out of the stinky unwiped sweaty ass of your neighborhood piss boy. Making your recently acquired v12 automobile smell like your dad.
by Dr. Seggs September 19, 2022
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