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A word that was considered obsolete. It now means the member of a relationship who takes care of the house.
Jimmy retired, while Joanne went back to work. I guess he's the housewife now.
by noseyrosy August 31, 2017

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A word that once meant lend, and now means give it to me.
Rocco asked if he could borrow my Luciano Pavarotti cd's. I told him to buy them on Amazon (cheap bastard!)
by noseyrosy August 31, 2017

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When young White people move in to an Inner City nabe, and Blacks move out because they can no longer afford to live there.
Check out Bed-Stuy Brooklyn before it's too late. Hipsters in, Colored people out. It's manifest destiny.
by noseyrosy April 06, 2019

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Text for You're so stupid!
My assistant texted me that she running late because she got on the wrong bus, I texted back yss. She asked is that yes? I replied no, Your're so stupid!
by noseyrosy December 16, 2017

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Short for opinion piece, or an individual who post's an opinion on an internet chat site.
I replied to thread on the corona virus, and told the Op that he was an ignorant fool.
by noseyrosy April 11, 2020

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