driving over the speed limit in a way to arrive at a predetermined destination before a friend. the key to driving fast is to avoid being spotted by the police.
1) Josh drives so much faster than Allison so I will ride with him to the concert since we will get there way earlier.

2) Dude look at that guy, he got pulled over! Someone sucks at driving fast.
by emailsare4losers June 14, 2010
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The phrase 'Drive Fast Take Chances' was originally coined by Phred Doolittle, NSP. Typically used when parting ways with a respected comrade, prior to an impactful sortie. Due to the deeper meaning and significance behind the simple words composing this phrase, 'Drive Fast, Take Chances' has made its way into popular culture, including media, music and film.
Bro One: "It was good to see you tonight, it has been a while!"
Bro Two: "It can be really hard to find free time these days, with all the work I'm doing with the Movement."
Bro One: "The effort will be worth it in the end."
Bro Two: "For sure. I've gotta roll, there are minds to enlighten and daylight will be here soon."
Bro One: "Drive fast take chances."
by M. House July 13, 2014
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