When a girl or a guy is ready for a cock and wants to suck it or have it in their hole.
by BTSstan December 5, 2017
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Is something you say after you have been sassed, the way one expresses themselves after being sassed, it is a gut reaction, also comes out of Mandy Moore's mouth when she is recieving sex Mandy Moore Style, Is when a person wants more sass to happen, too much is NEVER enough, the feeling of the person who says Give it to me, wants more piles of shit from life put upon them, it will never be enough when one says Give it to me
"Car cuts you off in traffic, you scream, Give it to me"

"Family sasses you, you say Give it to me"

"Someone stares at you, you tell them Gimme more sass, Give it to me!"

"You wake up late for something important, look at the clock, and before you roll over to go back to sleep, you say, Give it to me!"
by MandyJF113 May 1, 2008
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Sometimes, this phrase is used during sexual intercourse, to order the female to do it better.
male:give it to me baby
female:*starts doing it more
male:aww yea, thats the stuff!
by KawaiiAnime October 27, 2003
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something that a red ferret says in a children's movie
guy 1: hey did you here that ferret say "give him to me ugh"
guy 2: yea isn't that movie supposed to be for children
guy 1: yea why the fuck did the ferret moan
by RED FERRET May 12, 2021
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something that a red ferret says in a fucking children's movie (the ugh is a moan)
guy 1: did you hear that ferret say "give him to me ugh" in that children's movie
guy 2: yeah what the fuck is up with that.
by RED FERRET May 12, 2021
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This was used as a line in the show 'MAD TV' in one of the sketch's on the show. Its a spin off of "give me liberty or give me death!". Usually used by the dimmer white-trash man who didn't pay attention in Social Studies/History enough to understand the depth of the actual saying.
by Were-muffin September 19, 2008
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