A man usually of good socioeconomic status that never pays for jack. When on a date with a woman, he either makes her pay or takes her to a real cheap restaurant.
When they went out for a date, she decided not to see him again, because he was a cheap bastard.
by krock1dk@yahoo.com July 26, 2008
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Electronic Arts - a video game company with studios all over North America. They're known for paying their employees next to nothing while they rake in billions and billions of bucks themselves.
Those guys at EA are such cheap bastards; their employee slaves are forced to sleep on the floor in the office because they can't afford any housing.
by Billy-Ray November 8, 2004
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A person with a tendency to disappear when it happens to be their round. Known by everyone in the office/world as a miser/scrooge or more affectionately as having short arms and being unable to reach into their pocket to obtain money for the purchase of goods and services.
We were all at the pub and when it came to Kalon's round he disappeared.....cheap bastard
by DJ LJ February 1, 2011
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A Slumlord who keeps the heat off in his rental units until code enforcement comes to inspect, after they leave he turns it off again
by Capt Copernicus January 9, 2009
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Paklinian advisors that have self –indulged titles such as “Visionary” and “Expert” that suggest technology solutions because they are cheap to gullible businesses.
“Marshall left a lethargic legacy as a CBS Visionary - Cheap Bastard Solutions in his last position as CTO
by Ms. Cunning Runt July 20, 2011
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A specific type of technology sales guy found exclusively in New York City and Philadelphia infamous for the following qualities:

1. Cheap as in always forgets his wallet at home or disappears right before the bar tab shows up

2. Has a made-up sounding Irish name

3 Bastard as in cock blocks his buddies or swipes their drinks

The best medicine for Cheap Irish Bastards is ordering a ridiculous amount of room service breakfast to their hotel room or putting salami in their shoes
Oh my God, here comes that Cheap Irish Bastard Conway again... hold onto your drinks
by Joeamato69 July 18, 2018
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It is a Chinese Chin person that jumps up and down like a monkey when he sees a bargain or knows he's getting his money's worth. He's also VERY spend thrifty and will only spend $ when he has to. A Cheap Chinese Bastard's favorite line is..."DAMN CHINA MAN SPECIAL"!!
I was at the mall today and this cheap chinese bastard stole the bargain item I was reaching for.
by Bobby80884 April 11, 2008
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