Luciano means “light”. Never break the trust of a Luciano. The are extremely loyal and loving, if you break their hearts they aren’t easy to forgive. They are almost always attractive. If you are lucky to have a Luciano in your life, never let him go. Never break his heart. Love him forever.
Look at that gorgeous man over there in the field, I think that might be Luciano!
by AngelHeart789 November 27, 2020
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Can care if they wish to, always there for a friend no matter how rude they seem, will zone out if paying attention to something else but will always automatically respond to something very important, one of those people you couldn't wish more for.
Luciano: i play therapist for alot of my friends.. because i love them"
Random person:"i constantly end up arguing and breaking up with someone i love then getting back together"
Luciano:"Giving someone a chance repeatedly usually only brings pain, sometimes you have to let them go"
by One of the hated August 6, 2012
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A very Italian boys name. The boy is kind and handsome with a great smile. He also athletic and does good academically in school. Luciano can crack a joke in a lot of cercumstances. Makes a great friend as he is always making sure that everyone has a friend to play with.
Luciano met at his friends house
by Done and Done! December 30, 2017
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A sexy guy who gets all the women and has a huge dick. He is super good at sports and his dick is just the biggest thing in the universe ever created.
by looch d April 10, 2017
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This guy is great; he just... knows people. There is a presence he brings to the room that puts you at ease, unless of course you get on his bad side. He's an artistic soul, and knows how to party for sure. Definitely the kind of soul you want in a customer service or musical position, as music is one of his passions (and it should be mentioned he's got some solid lo-fi under his belt).
Luciano just sorta came into my house, started playing music and opened up a few beers, but ya know what? I was totally cool with it. That guy just has a presence to him, you know?
by Passionately.Empty1 May 6, 2021
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a really hot boy that’s loyal, funny, and sexy af.
Wow. Luciano is the hottest person I know.
by onlythefacfs16 September 30, 2019
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The most handsome man ever that is better than Derek and max at everything . He gets all the women and is a really black person. He had the biggest dick ever even bigger than Derek and Max's .
Wow I love Luciano.
by Looch April 6, 2017
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