Joanne is very bubbly and friendly. She is not afraid to cheer someone up. She is very sweet and is an awesome friend. Sometimes she chooses the wrong person to believe, but she always comes out right in the end. She is intelligent and honest. She makes friends very easily. She is a wonderful girl and the perfect person to hang around with.
Joanne: Hey I got 100!
Chloe: Me too because you helped me study! You rock Jo!
by AnonymousRichGirl July 6, 2020
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joanne's are beautiful in many people eyes, they are down to earth, have a random sense of humour, and are always up for a little bit of danger in life. joanne's hold very random conversation but can be serious when needed to. joanne's may put their friends before their guy but they are willing to make sacrifices for both partys. joanne's tend to fall for people who are in there opinion sexy. a joanne's perfect match is tall and handsome.
she's beautiful! she must be a joanne.
she a bad chick! she's a joanne.
by lo, lo, lo-ve love. November 5, 2011
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A girl who seems innocent , but also knows how to have fun. Joannes are usually beautiful, have slender and sexy bodies, extremely smart, and get all the guys.
guy 1: "That girl looks like a Joanne; she's so fine"
guy 2: "I know, damn i wish i could tap that"
by Namerater May 4, 2008
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This name is synonymous with love, hope, perseverance, and great wit. A pinch of hard work makes it sound so beautiful. She is the most beautiful creature; saintess to say the least. Emanating with goddess imagery and of faith. It makes ripples never before seen. Even if things go awry, we'll be at each others' side.
Joanne is the most beautiful wife, and queen.
Life would be dull without Joanne.
Queen Joanne Jem of house Rethzell.
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Joanne's are the most gorgeous things to walk this earth. All the guys want her. She has big tata's and a huge booty! They are so lovable , so down to earth, and definitely caring! They are briliant, and super sexy. They love to take risks and are very open minded and give good advice. All the girls want to be friends with her and her smile is perfection just like the rest of her! She has eyes that shine super bright and will catch anyone's attention. Joanne's are perfection! They love danger and are risk takers and anyone to have her is super lucky!
Person 1: damn did you see that!! She's perfect!
Person 2: yeah she's a Joanne!
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Joanne are a sexy af person
She just dont know it
She is like the most funny person and sarcastic because she kinda have been throgh things amd just like being funny about. She hates fake friends and feel like she have a lot off thoose. She is like so funny
Joanne is like so funny in the good and chill way
by coolkid2838382 April 7, 2020
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The lucky people who are named Joanne are attributed special qualities such as beauty, intelligence and compassion. They are loved by everyone and everything thing. Babies crawl to them and dogs wag their tails. Joanne's are the most adorable people ever. They have the innocent element that attracts all men, but only devotes themselves to one special guy.
Curtis wants to share a special secret -- "I love you Joanne."

Guy 1: Dude, you know Joanne?
Guy 2: Yeah, she' fucking pwnage
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