An online shopping service founded by Jeff Bezos, who somehow manage to damage any package that you may order.
Friend "Hey dude did you buy something off of amazon?"

Me "Yeah dude but the box disintegrated by the time it got here."
by CobraCrusher October 7, 2019
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A website that takes away jobs.
Amazon is ok but screws people over.
by Henry Barbie Dahl April 5, 2019
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A female warrior from greek mythology, who would often travel in pairs of 2 and their main color was red.

Their most famous queen was Hippolyta, who was captured by Hercules as one of his 7 tasks. Hippolyta called her Amazon warriors, and they fought and beat Hercules and his men.

They would cut off their left breast, so that they could shoot their bow and arrows more easily. They were also very tall, strong, and aggresive.
"Our teacher read us about the amazons during Greek Mythology"
by I like lizards October 22, 2006
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An industry that doesn’t know how to pay its workers. Also has a smiley face.
Someone who works at Amazon really should speak out!
by A friendly wirus December 13, 2018
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A big godess, usually a BBW, they are tall and demanding. Sex with an amazon usually includes facesitting, foot worship, wrestling, and other ways of showing domination.
Once I walked into the room I seen that Mistress Amanda was gonna treat me as her sex slave. I dove to my knees and pleeded for mercy but she forced me to lick her feet clean; I had become her sex toy for pleasure. The BBW Amazon treated me like a pony and rode me everywhere.
by Amazon lover April 13, 2007
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A lit app. Some say it smiles from A to Z because it has items from A to Z and the smile is because they there customers happy from that.
"Mom can you get me a pool table off of amazon?"
by Sqaud797 November 21, 2017
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The site where you buy stuff
Friend: Do you know where i can buy some paper?
Me: Go to amazon...
by average sized dog February 25, 2015
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