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Small coastal town in Southern California with a nice beach.
Has ridiculously overpriced housing. Population wise, it has an above average ratio of assholes to normal people.
Also known as the left armpit of SoCal.
Carpinteria is such a backward town. Glad I got out of that shitful place.
by naknumm August 23, 2007
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This happens if you get really wasted at a party and end up in bed with a lumpy sausage-shaped woman. When you scurry to the door you find that it is locked (hence scur+locked) and only she has the key. Thus you end up spending the night with said lumpy sausage woman. Shame on you.
Guy1: Fuck I was so high last nite I ended up with Fannie. I tried to leave but got scurlocked!
Guy2: Ahh sorry to hear that, dude. Theres some Lysol over there.
by naknumm August 23, 2007
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A Vietnamese restaurant in Goleta, California.
The food isn't great, but the waitresses have nice boobies, which is all that matters.
Saigon Noodle House: Come for the food, stay for the boobs.
by naknumm August 23, 2007
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The accidental discharge of fecal matter, usually of the liquefied kind, when attempting to merely pass gas. If the underwear becomes overly saturated, a stain may appear on the outer garment. This unfortunately results in embarassment and ridicule, if around other people.
What was the name of that guy wearing white pants that sharted in Carl's Jr. then had to take the bus home?
by naknumm May 15, 2007
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A small coastal community in Southern California, between Carpinteria and Ventura.
A constant cause of traffic congestion because of it's awkwardly designed freeway access points. Also has a bike path right beside the freeway, which faggot bicyclists in spandex use a lot.
Quite a shitty looking place, even if it is on the coast.
If they bulldozed La Conchita traffic would flow much smoother.
Those fucking cyclists should be run over.
by naknumm August 23, 2007
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Law Enforcement Officer - Robot

The type of cop that displays robot-like characteristics. They do not display any emotion, and lack the basic skills of human interaction.
I saw a bunch of squad cars outside and asked the cop what was going on. He looked at me with a blank stare while fidgeting with his holstered pistol. Leobots are scary...why are they allowed to have guns?
by naknumm May 15, 2008
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Hip Hop Harry is a children's show with a bear as the main character. The guy in the bear suit(actually more rat-looking) is the same asshole that played barney.
The show introduces children the ghetto lifestyle, therefore leading them to aim for a lower standard of living.
Another reason why parents should monitor what their kids watch.
by naknumm September 07, 2007
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