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An "English"-language newspaper published in Bacolod city, in the Visayan region of the Philippines.
Has been in circulation for several decades but interestingly, the quality of writing has stayed at the 3rd grade level. However, the tabloid journalism and idiotic reporting makes for an occasional good laugh.

Currently, the paper is used as the mouthpiece of the city's colorfuldouche bag mayor, Evelio Leonardia, who is renowned for being Bacolod's first mayor to wear a dirty sanchez proudly.
Me: Honey I need more toilet paper.
Chrysee: Here's the Visayan Daily Star, dear!
Me: Thanks!
by naknumm August 30, 2007
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1. One of the thirteen dwarves that journeyed with Bilbo Baggins , in J.R.R. Tolkien's book "The Hobbit".

2. How Chinese people with heavy accents pronounce "groin".
1. Gloin and his son Gimli went to Rivendell in time for the Council of Elrond.

2. Doctor: Hello mister Chan, what seems to be the problem today?
Chinese guy: Mah gloin..::points to crotch::
Doctor: Ahh, well surgery should help. We will just slice that little fucker and....
Chinese guy: Ahh yoo seeleeyus?? PAK DAT! Yoo nalla leel doctoh! I go see accupungshoo! @$%#^$*%$@!#!!! <--- random Chinese cuss words
by naknumm February 4, 2008
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(fuckin I.T.)
The first words you hear when the internet goes down at work, therefore stopping all web browsing.
worker1: Fuckineyetee!! Goddamit!!
worker2: What's the matter?
worker1: Internet is down!
worker2: Oh thats because I.T. is putting in a new server.
worker1: Fuckineyetee...can't they do that on a weekend?
worker2: You were looking at porn again, huh?
worker1: Yeah...
by naknumm March 6, 2008
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A meaningless phrase used by adult(?) male Hispanics in Santa Barbara, California. It is mainly used to greet each other as well as annoy passers-by.
Waldo: There she is! EEE!
John: Who are you talking to?
Waldo: I'm talking to you old man! EEE!
John: Dumbass. No me chingas!
Hector: There she is! EEE!
Waldo: EEE! Ha ha ha! EEE!

Non-Hipanic: What the fuck?? ::Scratches head::
by naknumm August 23, 2007
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Mom...dad, this is my Tae.
by naknumm May 15, 2007
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What grows on a guys face when he plays too much Nintendo Wii and forgets to shave.
Girl: You finally stopped playing?
Guy: Yeah, my elbow hurts and I gotta shave.
Girl: Yes please get rid of those wiiskers.
by naknumm August 31, 2007
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What the administration would be called if Hillary was elected & Obama was her vice president.
I wish Obama will win so we dont have a Hobama administration.
by naknumm February 3, 2008
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