Filipinos are a froud peoples pram da Pillippine Islands.
Day lub to eat rice wit ebryting. You can useually see about tree big bags ob rice in der shopping carts at da commissary. Some popular Filipino poods are adobo, pancit, lichon, loompya, bagoon, and alamang, just to name a pew.

Day are a bery sociable people and lub to hab farties. Many Americans lub to attend a Filipino farty because day know how to hab pun, i.e., day sing karaoke, lap out loud, and drink San Miguel beer wit der baloot.

Many Flipinos hab beautupul houses. Day all hab pianos, eben ip no one really knows how to play it. Day like to decorate der houses wit Capodimonte and total grupings prum Home Interiors. You can also pined big wooden spoons and porks in der dining rooms along wit a big pikture ob da last supper.

Most Filipinos are upper middle class. Day know how to budget der money and make lots ob sacripices like staying in da Naby por 20 years so day can get a retirement.

Da paborit automobile ob da Filipinos is da Mercedes, Lexus, and Honda Accords.
by Eeda March 18, 2007
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This is another response to qiuwtp...

Filipinos are amazing people. My girlfriend is Filipino. They have ridiculously delicious food, even though alot of it is really unhealthy. Their language (Tagalog) is one of the more interesting Asian languages, and I am currently trying to learn it. They are good people with good morals. If Filipinos like you, they like you like family. Unconditional love and very caring. English with a Filipino accent is so cool to listen to. Filipinos are beautiful people, generally having dark hair, large foreheads that symbolize great intelligence and personality, very angular and refined features with high cheek bones. I have a Filipina aunt who is smart, funny, and very nice (traits shared by most Filipinos)
Lumpia and Pancit bihon are amazing Filipino foods.

Filipinos are kind and accepting.

Tagalog is a language that rivals my own native language of Greek.

Greeks love Filipinos, because both races are hella awesome
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(Regardless if this can be applied to other races, this is emphasizing Filipinos...or at least most of them, anyway. This is coming from a Filipino.)

A race that LOVES to shove their race in anything, to anybody, whenever, and where ever, because "lol pinoy pride :D !!111111!!" Their prideful arrogance is strong, but their defense is weak. Their intolerance is almost identical to black people when they get offended. You know how there are a lot users on YouTube that say, "If you don't have anything 'positive' to say, then don't say it.?" Their sensitivity makes them close-minded. They don't have any reasons to defend themselves other than saying, "wow ur so mean!!! u don't kno pilipinos. pilipino pride!!111 we strong! we're not the only ones who can be like this!"

They can take the time to acknowledge the good factors of their race, but they're too sensitive to ever realize what they can do to be more tolerable in a civilization. That's where me and many others come in to bitch about my race. They never act as individuals, they act as a body of people who may never realize that race or family may not mean a thing. When they do realize that so many people of their race is shit, they'll just be ranted at by another Filipino who may say, "wow then ur saying tht ur bad when u say bein pinoy is bad. be ashamed of urself. ur probably not even filipino...gaga"
A: "I hate being Filipino."
B: "wow ur hating urself then. im filipino too. ur probably a white troll. very funny..."
A: "I'm not hating myself if pride in race doesn't truly express who I am."
B: "no just shut up faggot"
by Dicksssssssss August 28, 2012
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A unisex term referring to a person or persons of ethnic descent originating from the Republic of the Philippines.

Pilipino refers to a person born in the Philippines. Filipino refers to a person not born in the Philippines, but of Philippine ethnicity.

This delineation is due to the fact that there is no phonetic equivalent of the letter 'F' in any of the Philippine Islands’ indigenous languages. Spaniards who named the Philippine Islands after King Phillip II (Las Islas Filipinas) had such a sound in their language. The closest phonetic sound inhabitants in the Philippines could use was ‘P.’

Hence, people Philippine-born refer to themselves as Pilipino (they even write it as ‘Pilipino’), while those born outside the Philippines (e.g. the United States) refer to themselves as Filipino (or Filipino-American in the above case).

Example 1:
My dad was born in the Philippines; he’s Pilipino. I was born in Rampart, California; I’m Filipino-American.

Example 2:

Person 1: What’s your nationality?
Person 2: Full-Blooded American.
Person 1: No, where’re you from?
Person 2: West Covina, California.
Person 1: No, I mean, where’re your parents from?
Person 2: Oh – the Philippines.
Person 1: Oh so they’re Filipino.
Person 2: No, They’re Pilipino.
Person 1: That’s what I said: Filipino.
Person 2: No, my parents are Pilipino. And I’m Filipino-American.
Person 1: …?
by Bob-A January 05, 2009
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This is a response to qiuwp's definition

1.SOME filipino's are lazy. (Assuming your american) The morbid obesity in your nation is worse than about 7% of filipino's being lazy

2. We don't think ALL foreigners are rich

3.If you think our language is annoying, listen to that "slang" crap and see what's more annoying

4.Filipino women marry old people because they actually have feelings for 'em. It's unlikely for there to be more divorces in the philippines than in the U.S.

5.It's not our fault we're poor, blame the government. We don't think we're better than other asian countries. You're just a stereotypical 12 year old whose mom is as stupid as Jar Jar Binks

6. There are more people dropping out of school in america than in the philippines. Sure, we have alot of fun, but we put it in the right place and the right time

7. If UP ain't the one of the best universities in the world, why do alot of koreans/chinese people come here to study?

8. Yeah, were short, so what?

9. The worlds fastest talker is in the US dumbass

10. Wannabe's? We copy the shows but we pay the copyrights

11.Other languages do that too, you know.

12.Yeah, we eat meat and rice alot. At least we're not fatties who stay in their beds all day
If you don't like our KFC, DON'T EAT THERE!!! Stupid.

Do us all a favor and LEAVE OUR FUCKING COUNTRY

Filipino's are fucking awesome
by FILIPINODUDE April 01, 2011
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Guy: Are you Mexican?
Girl: No
Guy: Hawaiian?
Girl: No
Guy African American?
Girl: No
Guy: What are you?
Girl: Filipino
by apilipeenoh October 12, 2013
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