dude all the definitions of tangina in this website is wrong except for one. what it really means is- the word "tangina" is derived from the full word "putangina" which means "puta (whore/slut)" and "ina (mother)". when the word putangina is directly translated into english, it's "motherfucker". However, though it can be used in the same context in how english speakers use motherfucker, the word "putangina/tangina" is used as a vulgar expression in context similar to "fuck you" in english. For example:

hope this helps clarify things. we also change its spellings based on how we feel like spelling it. mostly it's just spelled how it sounds. like puta - pota, putangina mo - potaenamo/ potaena mo, etc.
when you're angry: tangina!

in english: fuck!

when you're angry at someone: tangina mo!
in english: fuck you!

when you're surprised: hala tangina! or uy tangina!
in english: what the fuck! oh shit!

when you're sad: tangina...
in english: shit... fuck....

when you're confused: tangina?
in english: what the fuck?

filipino (in context to referring someone's mom; usually used by elders since they take words for what they really mean): putangina ka!
in english: you're a motherfucker!

filipino (in context where you could also refer to someone's mom but you don't really mean it): putangina
in english: motherfucker!

filipino (in context where it's an expression): pota! putangina! tangina!
in english: fuck! fucking hell! fucking shit!

filipino (in context where it's an expression directed at someone): pota ka/ potacca/ potaka/ puta ka! putangina mo/ putanginamo/ putaena mo/ potaena mo/ potaena ka/ potaenaka
in english: fuck you!
by bhieh January 8, 2022
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Possibly, one of the most wonderful word ever invented.
Tangina is the word that unfailingly expresses every feeling and word inside your heart.
"Mary, I love you."

"There's a cockroach."

"Stop writing and pass the paper."
by Asdfghjkl pinoy February 10, 2012
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Filipino slang for "Excuse me". It's use is most appropriate during meals.
Tangina everybody, I have an announcement...
Tangina waiter, is our food ready?
by naknumm May 15, 2007
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A Filipino slang for an offensive word. Derived from "Putang ina" meaning a mother whore. Quite commonly used in various context of being surprised, embarrased, pissed off, etc.
Don't raise your voice at me... tangina.
by psybuster March 21, 2004
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1. short for putang ina, which translates to your mother is a whore.

2. commonly used to express frustration and hatred: used sometimes to mean "fuck you"

3. occasionally used to convey the awesomeness of a situation.
tangina mo!! how dare you cheat on me, you bastard!

tangina man, you should've watched the game! kobe got a 3 pointer in the last two seconds for a laker win!!
by wordspawn December 17, 2010
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It is short for putang ina which in turn is short for puta ang ina mo. Its closest translation in English is "you son of a bitch!". It is originally a term used to curse someone but, like other filipino curses, it is now used for a variety of other situations such as surprise or amazement.
Tangina mo! Don't ever show your face to me again!
Tangina! That dunk was amazing!
by exzero February 3, 2012
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means when you have used fake tan on your vagina.
omg, rachels got a tangina!
by tangelion. June 5, 2009
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