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Future husband, person to which one is engaged to marry

French for "to trust", comes from the French word to betrothe.
Meet my fiance Ted, we are getting married in two weeks.
by cutiecorey July 11, 2005
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That fucking smooth brain put his shirt on backwards again...

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A man engaged to be married. Sometimes mistakenly used to refer to a married man.
'Josh is my fiancé; we are to be wed in two months.'
by Kyle Lees September 03, 2006
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A beautiful, smart, Michael Jackson-loving, sugar cube named Isabel.
My fiancé is the best page hands down, it was all worth it.
by coffin for head of state July 14, 2019
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Ur best friend whos always looking like a snack cause hes so fine. Hes always really sweet and apologies even if he doesnt have to. He listens to all your problems. You love him to death and wonder why he puts up with your shit. Hes somehow still ur friend even thought your a pushy, self centered, jealous hoe.
Oof man i need to get me a fiancé. I wanted to order one off of amazon but im to broke for that shit and the shipping charge from here to Arizona is to damn much.
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by DraciorSmthn April 24, 2019
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Pet name for someone who you have strong feelings for and tend to hook up w/ on a regular basis. This person does not have to be your b/f or g/f though.

Similiar to a fiance but you dont have to marry your fi-ance
I love my fi-ance!
My fi-ance and I just like hooking up.
by tigerwoods December 05, 2006
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Another term for "f*** buddy." Someone a man has sex with, and usually has children with, but is not married to. No immediate plans for marraige.
This is my fiance Jim, and our kids Twain, Amanda, Nale, Bob, Jessica, Hermione, Esther, Jake, Sammy, and Jim Jr.
by Rain77 June 22, 2010
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