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A general term to be used directly after a friend/enemy has been shamed or beaten in some way.
Oh my days, you got terrorised.
by morgangills November 12, 2004
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A person is a comedy bitch if they are used by their peers for their own amusement irrespective of the shame and embarassment it may cause the bitch. However, the bitch in question must be a willing party.

This phrase was created by James Wilson in the aftermath of the infamous James Morgan wearing stupid looking hats incident (one of which was quite clearly Russian and shouldn't be worn by anyone except Russians and as shown by the incident, comedy bitches).
"Whats that? Morgan is our raw comedy bitch"
by morgangills December 01, 2004
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A phrase which despite its possible connotations is not in any way sexual.

It derives from the incredibly amusing activity of beating your rival's oversized burger in the Fuzion Frenzy mini game. This is a race, the result of which both the competitor's future pride and dignity is decided. FOR EVER.

The action on screen must be accompanied by some hard-hitting anthems (ie. Smack My Bitch Up, Bombtrack etc).
"Wait for it...

by morgangills December 01, 2004
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This term is handy for use when you feel the need to leave a certain area.

It often comes into use in the schooling environment, especially when a lesson ends and the students want to depart as quickly as is possible.
"I fucking hate Greenhalgh, ah bells gone, breeze out"
by morgangills November 19, 2004
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Derives from the word pousse, meaning pussy.

It can be used in a variety of situations, sometimes for emphasis, and often as a greeting.
1. OUSSSSSE....alright mate

2. and then I was like OUSSE
by morgangills May 12, 2006
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This phrase derives from the playing the game 'Rubble Alliance' on Fuzion Frenzy (accompanied by the hard-hitting music of The Prodigy and Rage Against The Machine).

It is said when one competitor has achieved the feat of getting a square area to themselves. It is said immediately upon achieving this.
James: Ahh put on on some Rage or something
Josh: Wah, got my square
by morgangills December 01, 2004
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The act of walking up Sydenham Road in pursuit of cheap discounted Chinese food or fried chicken after school.

Upon arriving "up the road" you can see such sites as Slatters (now known as "The Cake Factory") and if you are very lucky maybe mole girl.

It is an activity which James Morgan and Josh Mills derive great plasure from.
"Wanna come up the rooooad?"
by morgangills November 15, 2004
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