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One day in the mild October of 2004 three fellows descended upon the shopping valhalla of Croydon. Due to a lack of funds the three chaps decided it was necessary think out of the box, to transcend above what mere window shopping had to offer.

The two intellectually inferior of the threesome hatched a rather nefarious scheme. They would force the more dashing and amazing one to wear amusing looking hats. All in all, 5 hats were worn (one of which was quite clearly designed for humans of the female persuasion). The images were saved for posterity on a picture phone.

The immeasurable glamour of the Russian hat would go on to fascinate and arouse in equal measure for literally hours to come.
"Ah do you remember the James Morgan wearing stupid looking hats incident?

Not only do I remember, I could never ever forget, the mere thought of it excites me to almost the point of uncontrollable arousal"
by morgangills December 01, 2004
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