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Phrase used to describe a particularly harsh insult.

Similar to burned.
oh my days...you got layered
by morgangills May 12, 2006
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A mythical creature who lays dormant in Watlington Grove (also the domain of a certain Josh Mills) waiting for that special someone to come and rub their manhood on her protuding face-mole.

She is the Holy Grail, the World Cup and Excalibur all rolled into one.
"I love mole girl so fucking much"
by morgangills November 15, 2004
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This term derives from the altogether less legendary and more American phrase kick ass. This British version was created by morgangills as he felt that there was no general term to describe something that he deems to be bloody amazing.
"Yes yes The Lion King does kick serious willy"
by morgangills December 1, 2004
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Pretty much the greatest shop in the world.

It is visited each week on a Tuesday by a motley crew of vagabonds and James Morgan where they persue the pinnacle in wheat-based products.

Keir has a bit of a thing for ciabatta.
"Eh excuse me, Tuesday is TESCO day"
by morgangills November 9, 2004
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Basically any dance music that James Morgan and Josh Mills believe to be fucking clown shoes.

In other words it is all the music that James Wilson likes apart from The Prodigy.
Tiesto can fuck off with his ambient hippy shit.
by morgangills November 15, 2004
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Basically the fucking greatest band ever.

Mac daddies, the lot of them.
"The Pordigy kick serious willy"
by morgangills November 9, 2004
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Like your favourite band....but better.
"The Prodigy rule so hard it makes me orgasm.....in your mum's face"
by morgangills December 7, 2004
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