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This term is handy for use when you feel the need to leave a certain area.

It often comes into use in the schooling environment, especially when a lesson ends and the students want to depart as quickly as is possible.
"I fucking hate Greenhalgh, ah bells gone, breeze out"
by morgangills November 19, 2004
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An pharse derived from the early days of Langley Park secondary information to insult someone who is being a bit emo.

Extension of "green" is obligatory.
by morgangills November 12, 2004
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An extremely useful phrase in the petty world of masculine point-scoring in which many of us dwell.

It is used immediately after some form of victory has been attained. The scale of this victory is irrelevant. The phrase simply serves to rub salt in to the wound. It is used in all variety of situations and always to great comic effect.
by morgangills February 23, 2005
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A term which is used in when shcoked or in awe or something.

A certain Josh Mills is fond of this term.
"Oh my days, BISCUITS"
by morgangills November 21, 2004
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Basically the status all men should aspire to.

Some are born with it, some unfortunately are not. It is truly God's gift.

A player does not have to resort to comedy hair in order to be a bit of a legend.
"Oh my days, Keir is a harsh player"
by morgangills November 10, 2004
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A deregotary name for the emo-shite band Panic! At The Disco in which the "!" is read as "exclamation mark".

It originated from the trend of purposefully mispronouncing the pretentious names of shitty emo, NME and scene bands - in order to piss off their fans.

See also iforward russia exlclamation mark and Guile-mots.
uhhhh ohmygodzzzLOL panic exclamation mark at the disco are blates the best band evar....innit
by morgangills May 12, 2006
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A phrase which despite its possible connotations is not in any way sexual.

It derives from the incredibly amusing activity of beating your rival's oversized burger in the Fuzion Frenzy mini game. This is a race, the result of which both the competitor's future pride and dignity is decided. FOR EVER.

The action on screen must be accompanied by some hard-hitting anthems (ie. Smack My Bitch Up, Bombtrack etc).
by morgangills December 1, 2004
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