Something incrediable either good and/or bad. Can also be shouted at random intervals to produce a sense of excitement.
Guy 1: WOAH! Guy 2 did you see that?!

Guy 2: Yeah man. Ciabatta.

Guy 1: Ciabatta!
by PasPasPas February 06, 2014
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To walk to Jack in the Box for a burger when clearly you should drive there. This walk usually occurs between the hours of 10PM and Midnight, as the lobby is usually closed at midnight, depending on your market.
"De Bo and I shuffled down 10th and took a ciabatta walk to Jack's to get some food."
by Rob R. December 01, 2006
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Private school lunch. Often served with guacamole.
J-Roddy- Join the Roddy movement!

Johnny P of Eustace- Yeah after I finish this ciabatta melt.
by JRodGVAABaseball January 28, 2011
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Much like a quiche eater in that it is a more prominent version of that. A quiche eater is 'super gay'.
"Did you see Toby making out with that muscly black guy. Toby is such a ciabatta eater.
by Smokes Malone November 01, 2018
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