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Actually called "The Grove"

What everyone calls the place to be.

Once you stay there, you will never want to leave. Some researchers say, that the grove was originally the Garden of Eden, but that was dismissed when thoughts arose that the Grove is ten times better.

Inhabited by two kick-ass gentlemen.

IF the Grove, Sub Grove, and Bilson's were somehow combined, it would not only be a force to be reckoned with, but not even the likes of the military or Superman could stop the unstoppable kick-ass-ness of it.

Right above the Sub Grove, yet years ahead of it in terms of pure incridibility and total grandness. Truly, awe-inspiring.
Lets all go party at The Grove tonite!

I'm gonna go party then pass out at The Grove cause it's the place to be.

Where is everybody at tonite?...Ohhh, they're probably at the Grove cause it's the place to be!

Wow...and i thought the sub grove was great, but DDAAAAMMNN this place is incredible!
by Beluga April 25, 2004
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To "Grove" someone, is to be a complete, and utter idiot to them.
Dude, that douche totally just Groved me.

Don't Grove me, bro!
by sixofour June 05, 2012
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In the UK it commonly refers to a cal-de-sac
Randomer No.1 - hey, where did u say you lived again?
Randomer No.2 - In the grove just off Dove Street.
Randomer No.3 - Ahhh, Yea.
by Elite Loserr. May 30, 2008
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Verb. To argue or with someone even if you know what you are arguing about is wrong.
Dude, he totally groved that punk. OR
I was groving that punk all day.
by icashman October 29, 2007
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"the grove"- one of two areas in indianapolis: either beech grove or center grove
If you speed through the grove, you will get pulled over and handcuffed and people will come out of their houses asking what you did wrong.
by lisagirl April 07, 2003
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the common use of grove, would mean to:
hook it UPP
"biotch! lets grove nowww"

"what are you doing tonight?"
"just groving with that hott chick"

"wanna grove in someplace private?"
by ziggy ghassemi November 18, 2007
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Verb: To smoke marajuana as a recreational drug; To get high; to role marajuana into a joint for later use; derived from the area of Walnut Grove in Langley British Columbia in which pretty much everyone smokes drugs
A-Ron enjoys to "grove" it.
Dave is "groving" it in the back
by Aryk November 15, 2006
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