A term which is used in when shcoked or in awe or something.

A certain Josh Mills is fond of this term.
"Oh my days, BISCUITS"
by morgangills November 21, 2004
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The London and Essex equivalent of "oh my god".
"Oh my days, blood. They've made the Arsenal game behind closed-doors."
by Germane Host June 11, 2022
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Used to express shock, excitement and uncontrollable emotion.
"Oh my days, that's shocking! As if he farted!"
by Travvo April 20, 2009
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Dave: "Oh my days, lookit that!"
Chris: "You said 'Oh my days' instead of 'Oh my God'? I'm not sure if I can trust you."
by A Potato-loving Cactus April 10, 2018
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Herotic aka Will a youtuber uses this phrase often when in shock or udder belief
by Vale.madre August 30, 2017
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